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't Voorhuys printed transfer film

't Voorhuys printed transfer film

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Custom logo print on heat transfer film.

20 Prints on 7 A3 sheets. 

Cost per sheet: 3,31 EUR Neto (4 EUR bruto)


Use instructions: 

Pressure instructions: 

Medium-hard pressure.

Iron on is not recommended, as ultra fine adhesive powder is used.

With too light pressure, the powder is not burned and fused into the fabric. 

If kept under press more than 15 seconds, the transfer will be over cured and reduces substantially the washing resistance of the print. 

Hot peeling

1. Pre press: 5 seconds, 140 degrees

2. Transfer press: 10 seconds, 140 degrees

3. Peeling (while still hot)

3. Blending press: (after peeling) 5 seconds, 140 degrees. This step is for the transfer to blend into the fabric.

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