Elevate your shop's offerings with our 'AmsterGlam' Collection

Welcome to a world of possibilities where your shop's success takes center stage. Our 'AmsterGlam' Collection isn't just about premium t-shirts; it's about creating an experience that resonates with your customers and sets your shop apart. Choose a path that best suits your vision and watch your business thrive.

Pay in 30 days after invoice


  • Chose Pay Later at checkout
  • 40%, 50%, 60% discount
  • Receive the products as fast as possible
  • Sell the products until the 30 days deadline
  • Return whatever was not sold and get 100% refund for the returned products.

No risks

No piling up stocks

Just Profit

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B to C pricing

  • Affiliate

    Display in your shop some of our works and get 15% commision for each item sold online. The displayed shirts will have a QR code with your affiliate link. Your customers will have a 10% discount coming as your refferals.

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  • Retailer

    Get our shirts at wholesale prices. You won't believe the deals we have on our shirts when you shop wholesale!

    Starting with 6 EUR for full color, full print shirt (depending on the blank shirt choice).

    Ask for details 
  • Your Brand

    We can print our designs under your brand.

    Step up your brand game with our one-of-a-kind AmsterGlam designs!

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